Cute & Easy Nail Art Designs Ideas, Tutorials

Cute & Easy Nail Art Designs Ideas, Tutorials

Cute & Easy Nail Art Designs Ideas, Tutorials 2016

Cute Nail Ideas
Cute Nail Ideas

Present you with different nail designs from time to time. There are many easy nail art designs and you can easily select one from them. Some nail polishes will come with some uniqueness and will give you a nail art in a single swipe. Others will have different sequins mixed in them while some may contain magnetic properties or some particles which gives you a total sand effect.

Many people spend lot of time on the internet trying to search for step by step cute nail art design tutorials, but rarely do they get a good one to work with. Before doing any nail art design it’s always good to start with cleaning your nails. With some special cleaning brushes readily available in the market you can easily clean them. Some of the brushes may also be essential in the whole preparation of the nails.

Nail preparation

In preparing the nails, you will start by removing any old nail polish that has been on the nails. Removing such polish is easy while using a nail polish remover. You will then take a nail filer and shape your nails properly. You may shape your nails in two different ways.

To shape your nails you may use filer to square them. Using the same filer you may also shape the nails to get a round shape. Shaping the nails is essential. Ensure that the nails shapes appear to have the same size.

Design the nails

While designing the nails, start by applying a base coat to the nails mostly a light colored nail polish. You can easily purchase a light colored nail polish from a beauty shop at a very low cost. The nail polish is important in preventing the nails from attaining a yellowish color.

The next step will be to choose your cute nail art design and paint it on your nails accordingly. It is always good to start with simple nail designs and then move to the more complicated ones. You can only attain finesse in nail art design after some time. In addition, to enjoy a more fancy art design, you can choose a combination of different colors.

Apply a transparent polish to seal all the colors in your nail art design

This step in cute nail art tutorial teaches you on how to paint a transparent gel nail designs on the nails to seal all the colors in the design. Using 2-3 nail colors on your nail is always important in preventing the nail design from getting spoilt. To increase the beauty on the nails you can also add some stones on them and use glue to stick them. Once your nails have dried clean them with some water and a mild soap.

Mostly after you are through with the nail design application, you will find some thin lines here and there. Don’t remove them immediately. Wait for the paint to dry and then use a remover to remove them. You should be careful while removing them as you may lose the whole art design.

Useful tips in maintaining cute nail art designs

Always choose a nail polish with the highest color pigmentation. With such a nail polish you will require a little amount and also reduce the occurrence of mistakes.

It is always good to allow the nails to breathe. Some times you should not apply any nail design on them.

Wedding Nail Art

Best Wedding Nail Art

Wedding day is consider to be one of most important day in your life. You need to look best on a particular day and for that you put a lot of time and effort to make sure everything is perfect like perfect hairstyle, prefect dress and perfect nails. Sometimes women tends to designs their nails at the last moment, like doing after perfect dress and perfect hairstyle. But bridal nails is more important because the hands are the most beautiful part of the body and you will love showing off new ring, even not to forget the photos of hands will be stunning.

As you see, you will get a lots of wedding nail ideas and type of design that goes well with your personality and dress. Some women enjoy french manicure while others go for the bold look. Ideas include a french manicure which looks good with mini pearl or may be a diamond accents. If your wedding is a casual and carrying wildflowers then you may go with small flowers painted on nails.

Definitely, you want your nails to look the very best, you can easily choose the best OPI nail polish and fingernail polish. It means that if you go with these nail paints for wedding then your look will be gorgeous and more noticing. While visiting to nail salon make sure they have these types of brands or if they don’t, then you may look for another salon who have these types of brands. The reason behind that is these types on nail polish stays longer on your nails and don’t easily chip like cheaper nail polish does.

Polka Dot Nails

Gradient Polka Dots

We see many women’s have polka dot on their nails but we don’t know exactly how they did it. It seems very complicated but actually it’s easy to do.

Step 1 – First apply a base coat on nails.
Step 2 – We need at least 2 or may be 3 colors of nail polish. One for the base color and remaining two for dots.
Step 3 – Apply/Paint base color on your nails.
Step 4 – Let the nails to dry.
Step 5 – Need a toothpick. Break the end of toothpick to make it pointed.
Step 6 – Take a little amount of nail polish onto the paper and now dip the toothpick.
Step 7 – Now slowly and steadily create dots on your nails.
Step 8 – Finally apply a top coat and you are done.

What You Ought to Know on Gel Nail Designs

Beauty of Gel Nails

For a lady, nail plays a vital part in their overall beauty. As a matter of fact, cute and well-designed nails make a lady’s hand standout. Certainly, there are hundreds of nail designs that women ladies can choose right from monochromatic nude design to the fast-drying Acrylic design. While these have been used for a long time, Gel nail designs are fast gaining speed. That’s we explore more on Gel nail designs in this guide.

What is Gel nail design?
A gel nail kit refers to application of a layer of gel on the nails and embedding artistic designing on the resulting layer of gel. The gel is commonly cured under UV light.

Reasons why gel nail designs are growing in popularity.
The gel design makes your own stronger compared to the acrylic nail’s design. This means your treated nails can last longer without breaking off.

The process of fashioning gel nail designs is far pleasant compared to using acrylic. This is because gel nail is odorless and user friendly.

Do you know that gel nail designs come with a gamut of benefits? Gel nail styles are flexible, clear and thin. They can be sculpted on forms easily due to their versatile feature. The versatile nature of gel nails account for their usage for tip overlays and natural nail overlays. This gel nail designs combine a natural feel and look with durability and convenience. Gel nails can be used as a base coat, if you are looking to grow out your natural nail. This will help to strengthen and protect your nails. Gel nail designs do not require to be removed even if maintenance is necessary. Since gel nails are flexible and lightweight they feel highly natural.

Final word.
Gel nail design is cure and even elaborate at best. Besides the strengthening of your own nails, gel designs help you adorn that seductively beauty you have been wishing to have on your hands.

Easy Nail Polish Designs
Easy Nail Polish Designs
Stylish Nail Ideas
Stylish Nail Ideas
Orange Pink Yellow
Orange Pink Yellow
Simple Nails Designs To Do
Simple Nails Designs To Do

Shellac Nails

Shellac Nails Black

Give your nails an excellent look with shellac nail design system and products. Made by the most exquisite and exclusive products, Shellac guarantees you a durable protection and beauty to your nails. With excellent professionals and clients, the brand has been revolutionized to enhance up to 14 days of durable nail color and strength, more so the nails dry time is absolutely reduced to zero.

The design is made up of the base coat, color coat and the top coat. The base coat provide a foundation for the system while the top coat provide a stunning protection from chips, nicks and smudges. The color coat which sandwiched between the other coats is applied by two layers for high performance color look which lasts more than 14 days. There are more than 95 color designs to choose from.

There are many nail designs to choose from depending on your desire occasion, this includes the famous Cool Turquoise, Polka Dot Design, the Shellac Christmas among other fabulous designs.

Choosing the Best Acrylic Nail Designs

Best Acrylic Nails

Professionally done nail designs are stunning and they match perfectly with your elegant look. There are so many options when it comes to Acrylic nail designs and you will find the one that appeals to you the most.

The question, however, is how do you choose the best one for you?
Think about your personality and outfit when it comes to nail design colors. Choose a color that you feel to be comfortable with. Your job may also not offer you the freedom to play with the nail designs of your choice. It is also important to consider how acceptable the design you are about to select is going to be in your professional circle.
You should also make your choice of the designs is the occasion. Designers are very creative and have come up with brilliant designs to match up the given occasion such as new year and Christmas. However, if you are not sure of what design should you choose, it is always better to stick to the simple and contemporary design.

Stiletto Nails

Gemstone Stiletto Nails

If you are looking for a strong brave look, stiletto nail designs are what you are searching for. Stiletto nails are otherwise called claw or paw nails. These ultra-pointy nails are cool and attractive yet they may not be for everybody. As there is more surface, stiletto nails permit us to be more innovative with our designs. While the stiletto nail designs can be worn as a sharp, long point, that makes a bold, stunning style articulation, they can simply be a short stiletto with an inconspicuous point that makes the woman’s hand have a more sensitive and exquisite look.
The stiletto’s are typically accomplished with fake, acrylic nails that are recorded and slice to shape a point. You then have the decision of teaming a shorter yet pointy stiletto with a more coy shine that gives a shockingly exquisite look that will work from the consistently to more professional settings, or go for something additional challenging and venturesome, similar to a long and pointy nail that features daring designs.
Stiletto nails are ideal for any individual who wishes to be the central attention and going for an unmistakable, modern day look.

French Manicure

Heart French Manicure

French manicure looks great elegant and trendy in modern women. They are simple, good for formal occasions and can easily pair with almost with all types of outfit. There is a variety of French manicure ideas. These give you a variety from which you can choose. They are available for all sizes of nails, different colors and patterns. One requires only having their nails well cleaned before application. A base coating of your choice is applied. Finally, you apply clear coat on top after making the last stroke of the tips of your nails using tapes. One may opt to have swirls, flowers or such patterns on top using the latest ombre technic. The availability of places with personnel who can execute French manicure ideas is not that vast but they mostly available in most modernised salons and parlours. Their simplicity to implement can prompt some to do it at home instead.

Using 3D Nail Designs at Home & Salon

Bridal Stiletto Nail Design with Lace and 3D Nail Art

The 3D nail designs are very to easy create and can perfectly fit to your style statement. You can easily create this three dimensional designs at home, at parlour or anywhere else to add to the beauty and elegance of your fingers. All you need is the 3D nail arts, glue and nail polish. Make sure to purchase a nail polish and glue that is safe to use otherwise you would have to regret in future.

Creating 3D Nail Artworks at Salons

If you want to get the three dimensional nail designs without putting much effort, then visit your nearest salon where this can be done. Regular salons too can help you, but it is better to do this in a salon where professional 3D nail designers work, because only a professional designer can enhance the beauty and elegance of your 3D artwork.

Creating 3D Nail Artworks at Home

For those who do not want to go salons or are beginners, the best way to have the three dimensional nail designs is by using a kit. A kit contains nail polish, colors, base coats, brushes, designs, stickers, dotting tools, etc depending on the kit you chose. World’s biggest and trusted retailers sell these nail kits and are extremely cost efficient compared to parlour’s and salons. Just buy one and follow the instructions!

Pretty Nails

Pretty Nail Designs

Women do have a natural urge to look smart, beautiful and pretty. They will make their hair very well, dress up very smart and to match this, they will keep their nails looking as good as possible. Some will probably do the nails by themselves while others will prefer visiting cosmetic to have them don. If you are looking for how to have your nails done, then you have to read this.
Dotting Manicure – It is an easy and fancy pretty nail design. What you need to do is just apply any base color of your choice and then put different colored dots in different styles.
Cute monster’s filling – It is a design where you draw pictures and strips of funny monsters.
Soft Angel nail – It is a soft and simple nail idea. It enhances the beauty of natural nails.
Other pretty nail designs include – rainbow caviar, moustache nails, pearls and jelly nails and mix match nails.
Nails design and art is one of the things that makes a lady look more pretty and lovely and hence she has to look or make her nails in the most modern way.

Toe Nails

Best Toe Nail Art Designs

As part of pedicure which refers to cosmetic treatment of feet, polishing and decorating toe nails with nail polish has a long history dating back to 3000 BC in China. Toe nail art inspired by abstract art, flowers, flags etc. are one of more recent origin. Normally the toe nails are polished with colors that match with the dress that the person wears. These designs are more popular among women than men.
Wearing open ended high heels expose the nails and painting with your favorite art makes them look attractive. Some of the materials required for toe nail designs are nail polish (both clear and colored), clean towels, cotton, small and big brushes and design for reference.
It requires a lot of patience and perseverance when the art you are trying to imitate on your toes is intricate but fortunately both the hands free to do it unlike polishing the nails of your hand. The nails should be cut to the right size and buffed at the top first. It there are any pre-existing nail polish on your toes it should be removed cleanly with nail polish remover before starting to paint with the fresh design.

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